Girls Night Out!

Girls night out! We had a lovely dinner out together with good food and even better wine! :) So Thankful for the wonderful staff we have and

Final delivery of prosthesis today!

Case was referred for non- restorable maxillary dentition. Patient had multiple missing teeth and loss of vertical dimension of occlusion. Treatment planned for a maxillary

Welcome to the team!

Digital Lab Technician-Alex Vega Alex was born in Mt. Airy, Maryland. He has a keen interest in technology and he has experience in robotics and

Dental Assistant’s Week

We are so lucky to have the BEST team of Dental Assistants! Your kindness, expertise, and constant smiles make our days brighter. We appreciate you

ORCAA Mission

Had an amazing week in Guatemala learning the placement of extramaxillary implants with ORCAA. Thank you to the amazing faculty, Drs Sewon Oh, Juan Gonzales, Gregorio Redaelli, Emanuele Coppola and Zack Brown, the prosthetic team as well as the University of Francisco Marroquin. The ORCAA mission focuses on reconstruction and rehabilitation of the severely atrophic maxilla for the folks here in Guatemala. Edentulism is unfortunately endemic to this part of central America, so there was a lot of challenging pathology. This complexity required the use of advanced techniques such as zygomatic, trans nasal and pterygoid implants. I can’t recommend this experience strongly enough for clinicians who want to further their implant expertise while serving the Guatemalan people.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to our clinical partner, Kim or should we say, Coach Kim. Kim led practice and games over the weekend for her daughter’s basketball

Cosmetic Gum Grafting

Cosmetic Gum Grafting Before and After Healthy gums cover the root surfaces of the teeth. When you have gum recession, the gum retracts back, exposing

Transformation Wednesday

Transformation Wednesday! It’s amazing how a smile can be changed in just one day! It has been our pleasure going through this journey together. We

Patient Thank You Note

We recently received a fantastic, hand written thank you note from one of our satisfied patients. We take such reassurance in our positive patient reviews

Laser Surgery

Laser-assisted surgical therapy with the LANAP® protocol is a less invasive alternative to traditional periodontal surgery. Compared to traditional gum surgery, our patients typically report

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