New Team Members

We would like to welcome three new members to the AIP team!! Allison and Annie are our front office coordinators and Apryl is our surgical


Meet Mr. D. He can smile, he can laugh, and he can eat without hesitation now. The joy that this transformation has brought into his

Post Recession

Did you know that brushing technique can be one of the causes of recession? The earlier we can recognize and treat areas of recession, the

Bone Graft and Implants

Many years ago, this patient had trauma and he had developed an abscess requiring the removal of his front four teeth. Using fully guided implant

New Technology

Advanced Technology Tuesday!   Here at Advanced Implants & Periodontics we are continuously investing in new technology for our patients! Our new advanced technology incudes

Review Contest

We want to extend our sincere appreciation to our wonderful patients for placing their trust in our team. To show gratitude to our patients, we

Before and After

This patient had oral trauma to her front tooth as a child. She had two subsequent root canal treatments and ultimately decided to have the

Before and After Gum Recession

We love to discuss oral hygiene instructions and what toothbrush and products might work best for you to keep you smiling! Brushing with the wrong

LANAP Training

Dr. Towe & Dr. Shoff just returned from completing their final phase of extensive training on the laser gum treatment-LANAP protocol. No Cut No sew

Before & After

Are you wearing a denture? Do you want to taste your food? Do you want to speak confidently? Do you want to have your smile

Before and After

Love your smile! With All-on-X implant dentistry, in just one day, you can have the smile you deserve. Take a look at this transformation! Our

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