Welcome, Brooke!

We are so happy and excited to introduce a new addition to our office!

Brooke’s experience and caring personality makes for a great Surgical Assistant and a great fit to our growing team!

Brooke Williams was born and raised in Marion, Arkansas.  She moved to Maryland a year ago with her husband and son. Brooke became interested in oral health, after her experience with Orthodontics and knew that this was something that she had to do in life. Brooke not only brings her Dental Assisting experience, but also many years of volunteer work and administrative experience. Brooke has been on medical mission trips to Guatemala, as well as volunteered at the Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic in Arkansas, and Planting Hope in Frederick, MD.

Brooke enjoys doing as much volunteer work as her schedule allows, being outdoors with her family and pets. She is a self-pro-claimed “Grill Master” who enjoys cooking, exercising, and traveling the world!

Brooke goal is to ensure that every patient who visits our office walks out with a smile, feels confident, comfortable, and well informed. Knowing that she has helped make a difference in each patient’s life by the work she has completed on them tells Brooke that she has chosen the right career path for herself and her family.Brooke Introduction


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