“Teeth in a day” therapy to give you a brand new smile in just ONE DAY! Bonnie’s Story

“Teeth in a day” therapy-to give you a brand-new smile in just ONE DAY!

Bonnie’s Story

“Teeth in a day” dental implant therapy can provide a stable bite and natural-looking smile for patients who have lost all or most teeth or have a poor periodontal prognosis for remaining teeth. The benefits of “teeth in a day” dental implant therapy is significant; a faster single-visit implant placement process, restored dental function and aesthetics, enhanced self-confidence, improved oral health, bone loss prevention, and realistic long-lasting results.

When Bonnie came to see cosmetic periodontist Dr. Melanie Towe, she expressed that her teeth had been going downhill for years. She was embarrassed by her smile and was ready to make a significant change. Dr. Towe and Bonnie connected instantly. Dr. Towe could tell Bonnie was hiding behind her smile and wanted to match her smile to her personality.

Bonnie had severe bone loss and poor periodontal prognosis for all remaining teeth. Dr. Towe developed a plan to restore her teeth using digital dental implant planning. The result is virtually planned prior to starting the treatment process. Precise surgical guiding system and premade teeth made this process seamless and efficient. Dr. Towe was able to remove Bonnie’s teeth, place 10 dental implants and put in the new implant bridge in a matter of a few hours.

Bonnie has a brand-new smile and could not be happier! Bonnie says “My overall experience with advanced implants could not have been better. It was the most amazing experience with the most amazing team of doctors and assistants”. She is happy to get her confidence back and says the procedure was “life changing”.

Make the most of your smile. To learn whether you are a good candidate for this treatment, visit our website page at All on 4 Implant Therapy – Advanced Implants & Periodontics ( or give us a call at 240-651-5478 to schedule a consultation.

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