Pocket Reduction Surgery

Normal healthy gums have shallow pockets around each tooth, typically less than 4mm so you are able to perform home care and effectively remove any plaque within these pockets. As periodontal disease progress, bacterial plaque that have been left on the teeth and gums can cause an inflammatory reaction leading to deepening of these pockets. This in turn traps more bacterial plaque and worsens inflammation and periodontal disease. When the pockets become too deep and cannot be maintained, a pocket reduction procedure is often the solution.

During treatment, Dr. Towe will numb the area and you will feel no discomfort. Dr. Towe may need to reflect the gum tissue to allow visual and direct access to the root surfaces of your teeth. Then she removes the disease-causing bacteria and thoroughly cleans and smooths the tooth surfaces. If necessary, the gum and bone may be reshaped and a germ killing material (antimicrobial) placed. This will allow the gums to heal, resulting in shallower, healthier pockets.

Below is a before and after picture of a recent Pocket Reduction Surgery performed by Dr. Towe.

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