Most Important Teeth

Which are the most important teeth in your mouth?
You may think your front teeth are the most important and they are certainly the most visible.
However, from a functional and developmental point of view, the first molars (the first large posterior teeth behind the premolars) are the most important teeth. Teeth play a vital role in the appearance and symmetry of the face. They play a key role in occlusion, or how your jaw closes and lines up. Unfortunately, the first molars are often the first to be removed due to cavities. Removing these teeth at an early age can cause misalignment of the rest of the teeth, even leading to asymmetry of the face. Without the foundation of the first molar, the teeth next to the newly vacant space can start tipping toward the empty space, the opposing teeth start to grow out, and bone is lost where the tooth used to be. Up to 90% of the chewing function takes place in the first molar area. Quality of life and the ability to enjoy food can be significantly affected.
Fortunately, dental implants can replace missing teeth, arrest bone loss and restore volume, form and function. Bone grafting procedures may be used to replace lost bone allowing predictable implant placement.
If you or your loved one have one or more missing teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Contact 240 651 5478 for a consultation. We are eager to assist you in your journey to better dental health.
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