Vision Insurance

Moderne Eye Optometry is a Premier provider with Vision Service Plan (VSP. Vision Service Plan (VSP) and Tricare are the only two vision insurance plans we currently accept.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Many employers offer Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or some health plans offer Health Saving Accounts (HSA). These are elective, supplemental insurance savings plans. These plans are designed to let you save money in an account, pre-tax, to pay for additional medical expenses such as eye exams, eye glasses, and contact lenses. FSA and HSAs can be used in conjunction with your vision benefits to offset any out-of-pocket costs on your behalf. December is our busiest month of the year as beneficiaries often need to “use it or lose it” with some FSAs.

Medical Insurance

Separate from vision Insurance plans, your medical insurance such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, United Health covers medical eye conditions. Medical eye conditions include: Conjunctivitis, Acute Red Eye, Blepharitis, Dry Eyes, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Keratoconus, Glaucoma, and Retinal conditions such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Hypertensive Retinopathy, Macular degeneration and Retinal detachments. Moderne Eye Optometry provides medical eye care services for VSP Primary Eyecare patients and Medicare.

Terms and Conditions:

Our staff will collect any applicable co-payments and charges for non-covered services from you at the time of service. We will file a vision benefit claim through VSP or Medicare on your behalf. We can help you file your medical insurance claim by providing an itemized receipt with exam visit codes and medical diagnosis codes. Some recommended tests are not covered by insurance and you are financially responsible for these charges.

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