Final delivery of prosthesis today!

  • Case was referred for non- restorable maxillary dentition. Patient had multiple missing teeth and loss of vertical dimension of occlusion. Treatment planned for a maxillary AOX immediate loading using the PATZI protocol.
  • Intraoral and facial scanning was central to all clinical steps to acquire surface data for maxilla and mandible and redefine the occlusal relationship.
  • VDO was increased 2mm and new VDO scanned using the facial scan. Integration of 3D face-scan data with direct intraoral scans is used to facilitate virtual restorative design in increased 2mm VDO.
  • Implant position planned pre-surgically which shortens treatment time significantly for this case.Pterygoid implants were placed with 50+Ncm, anterior and tilted implants were 40+Ncm.
  • Digital technologies empowered a model-free concept in fabrication of full contour restorations with accuracy. Delivered final monolithic zirconia prosthesis without the need for try in!
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