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Bone Loss

Bone loss is a destructive process that is bacterial-driven and can be exacerbated by clenching and grinding. Using our laser for non-invasive surgical treatment, there

Happy Birthday Allison!

Happy 30th Birthday Allison! Allison is the first person you will see when you come to our office. She is always so kind and helpful

InstaRisa Digital Workflow

A most amazing weekend studying the revolutionary InstaRisa full arch digital workflow with Drs. Art Mirelez, Jeff Bynum, Fernando Polanco, Ramsey Amin, Glenn R Justice

Implant Placement

This patient has been missing her front tooth since childhood and wore a bridge for many years. She did not have enough bone for an

The greatest compliment is having our referring doctors trust us with their own personal care. Look at this new beautiful smile! “Trust Your Smile to

Happy 40th Birthday Dr. Shoff!

Happy 40th Birthday Dr. Shoff!! Wishing Dr. Shoff a very special birthday! Thank you for all you do for our team and patients. Our team

Before and After All-On-X

A new smile is life changing! It will change the way you look and the way you feel. In just one day, we removed all

New Team Members

We would like to welcome three new members to the AIP team!! Allison and Annie are our front office coordinators and Apryl is our surgical


Meet Mr. D. He can smile, he can laugh, and he can eat without hesitation now. The joy that this transformation has brought into his

Post Recession

Did you know that brushing technique can be one of the causes of recession? The earlier we can recognize and treat areas of recession, the

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