Before and After

Your teeth are central to the appearance of your face. We love for our patients to be able to smile and express feelings with confidence and happiness.
Our patient Ms. D lost all of her natural teeth when she was in her twenties, and had been wearing complete removable dentures for over twenty-five years. She had been told by many dentists that she did not have enough bone for dental implants. However, when she came to see cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark LeMonnier and Dr. Melanie Towe, they developed a plan to restore her teeth.
Using advanced bone grafting techniques, Dr. Towe was able to regenerate the lost bone. This allowed us to place ten dental implants to act as strong anchors for fixed teeth. Cosmetic dentist Dr. LeMonnier designed and placed the final prosthesis.
This collaborative effort resulted in a customized set of fixed teeth using the “teeth express” protocol. We are so happy to deliver another beautiful, confident smile.
Make the most of your smile. Give us a call to discuss improvements that can change your life.
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