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 Crown lengthening is a procedure performed when there is inadequate tooth structure above the gum tissue for a restoration to firmly attach to. Crown lengthening is recommended if a tooth has extensive cavities that extend below the gums, if a tooth breaks off at the gum line or if there is a crack in the tooth. 

During treatment, Dr. Towe will numb the area and you will feel no discomfort. The procedure involves contouring of the bone and removal of gum tissue to expose normal tooth structure below a tooth cavity or tooth fracture. This procedure can save the tooth and allow the dentist to restore the tooth with a crown, veneer or filling.

Recovery after a Crown Lengthening

The teeth may appear longer than usual after the procedure, since more of the actual tooth is now exposed. There can be an increase in cold sensitivity that typically improves over the next 2 weeks. After the procedure, the area will be sutured and dressed in a protective bandage to promote proper healing and protect surgical site. 

We will schedule your post-operative visit 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure. At this point the sutures will be removed and the healing process will be evaluated. The crown or filling will not be placed on the treated tooth 6 weeks to three months after the procedure to ensure that the tooth and gums are fully healed and ready for restoration.

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