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Cosmetic Gum Grafting

Healthy gums protect and cover the root surfaces of teeth. When you have gum recession, the gum retracts back, exposing the vulnerable root surfaces. There are many causes for gum recession, such as aggressive tooth brushing habits, muscle pull from the cheeks or lip, tongue or lip piercing, hereditary thin gum tissue and prominent roots. This can cause the teeth to be more sensitive, susceptible to brushing damage and root caries. This also causes teeth to look longer, giving the appearance of looking older. Without treatment, recessions usually get worse.

Dr. Towe performs periodontal plastic procedures designed to rebuild lost gum. During treatment, Dr. Towe will numb the area and you will feel no discomfort. Gum grafts, from other areas of your mouth or from live cell substitutes are used to reduce recession and cover exposed, unsightly roots. These grafts provide “new” gum tissue, covering unsightly recession, protecting against root cavities and damage, as well as prevent future worsening of the recession. They make crowns or implants look more natural. This improves the aesthetics of your smile.

Gum Contouring

Over growth of the gums can be caused by genetics, medications, orthodontic treatment as well as hormonal changes. This makes one appear to have a “gummy smile”, and makes the teeth looker smaller and unaesthetic. 

During treatment, Dr. Towe will numb the area and you will feel no discomfort. Dr. Towe performs gum contouring procedure, which trims the gums to expose the full length of your teeth, making your teeth proportion match your smile. This creates a symmetrical, and aesthetic smile. This can be accomplished with no changes to your natural teeth or crowns, or prior to veneers or crowns. This procedure is done with scalpel or laser, with or without minimal bone reshaping, depending on the type and amount of excessive gums.

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The small tissue attaching the gums to the inner lips and cheeks is called a frenum. In some instances, the frenum attachment can be too close to the teeth, creating a constant pulling force on the gums when the lips and cheeks are moved (ie brushing, eating or speaking). This can cause recession, thinning of the gums, and possible shifting of your teeth. 

Dr. Towe performs a frenectomy procedure, which repositions this tissue attachment to eliminate the pull. It is a simple procedure under local anesthesia, with little to no post-operative discomfort. This procedure can prevent future complications, which may require more complex and expensive treatment to correct. 

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