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This self test is designed to help determine if you, or a family member have, or is at risk for developing periodontal disease. If you answer yes to one or more questions in this self test, you may be at risk for periodontal disease. Please contact our office for additional information.

  • Do you or does your family have a history of periodontal disease?
  • Do you or does your family have a history of heart disease?
  • Do you or does your family have a history of diabetes?
  • Are your parents missing some or all of their teeth?
  • Do you suffer from an immune system disorders (ie. HIV, Leukemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis) or undergoing chemotherapy?
  • Do you smoke or have you ever smoked cigarettes?
  • Do you take any medication for treatment of high blood pressure, for immunosuppression or epilepsy?
  • Do you take any medication that causes you to have dry mouth?
  • Do feel that you have bad breath?
  • Do you have a metallic or salty taste in your mouth?
  • Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss?
  • Do you notice your teeth have shifted, or a change in your bite?
  • Do any of your teeth feel loose?
  • If you wear a partial denture or a bridge, are you noticing the fit is becoming more loose?
  • Do you notice food getting stuck between your teeth after meals?
  • Do you notice your gums shrinking, and your teeth appearing longer?
  • Are your teeth sensitive or stained?
  • Do you clench or grind your teeth?
  • Are you under stress?
  • Women – Are you pregnant?

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