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Whether you have a single tooth or multiple teeth missing, your options for replacement include dental implant, a bridge, or a removable partial denture. A dental implant looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth while having several advantages over other methods of tooth replacement. A dental implant is the only treatment option that replaces both the crown, as well as the root of the missing tooth, which will preserve the jawbone preventing the need for future reconstruction. 

The bridge option consists of replacement teeth that are connected together and requires the neighboring teeth to be shaved down. This option can cause otherwise healthy tooth structure to be disturbed, and it also makes regular flossing impossible, increasing susceptibility to cavities.

The removable partial denture option, as stated in its name, is removable. It consists of replacement teeth that are “hooked”. You will have the hassle of having to remove it daily for cleaning, as well as the possibility of food trap underneath your partial denture. The partial denture can feel bulky in your mouth, and feels less stable than dental implant.

implate_replace_single_img3In addition, a bridge and a removable partial denture, only replace the crown part (the part that you chew with), but not the root part (the part that anchors into bone) of your missing tooth. Instead of replacing the foundation of the missing tooth, these other  options distribute, and increase chewing load onto the neighboring teeth. This provides additional stress and in the long run, can cause fracture, or damage to the neighboring teeth and their supporting bone. 

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